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Published: 25th May 2010
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Gag gifts are the best way to show your appreciation for someone, without spending very little or no money. Although you can easily buy gag gifts from the Internet or a nearby store, it is much more fun to make them yourself. They are easy to make, quick, clever, cost almost nothing, and can be made for any occasion. Give them a try.

Capsules for everything

Take a small glass jar with mints in it. Add a tag explaining what the mints are suppose to be. For example -

Anti aging pills - Take one a day, and turn time around. Or have them all in one go, for an emergency case like you.

Smart pills - Whenever you want to say something dumb, take one and chew on it till the feeling goes away.

Exercise at home

All you need is a block of wood and paper to print out the instructions. The instructions should go something like this. Place the block of wood on the floor, walk around it twice. Now take a rest, because you walked around the block twice.

Bug Killer

You need two small blocks of wood. Write in permanent black marker the first block as "A" and the other "B". Give instructions saying, place the bug on top of block "A" and smash with block "B".

For all those on a diet

Buy a bottle of regular drinking water and stick a label on it saying "diet water" and give it as a gift- especially to all those on a diet.

Grass head

This is a very famous gag gift, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Take a nylon stocking cut it to fit a drinking tea cup, now add about 2 spoons of grass seeds and cover with some garden soil. The entire head should be about the size of a tennis ball. Tightly knot the rest of the stocking and dip the head with water keeping it moist everyday. In about a week you will see the grass growing out of the stocking. You can out this in a small paper cup and decorate.

Gag trophies

Buy some plastic trophies, and create your own engravings to describe something about the recipient.

Example- First prize for the worst batsman, First prize for the worst cook or First prize for 100 hours spent on face book etc.

Shaving hat

Putting shaving cream in a hat is a classic homemade gag gift. Line a ball cap, stocking hat, or any other kind of hat with shaving cream, then quickly put it on your friend or family member. You may let them put it on themselves, but the success rate is higher if you put the hat on for them.

Assemble your own straw hat

Get some ribbon, a feather, and some loose straw in a bag. Gift it to your friend or a family member.


Put a sock on a block of wood. And include these instructions.

Sock curling - hot

Sock wet - raining

Sock difficult to see - foggy

Sock white - snowing

Sock smoking - lightning strikes

Sock moving - windy

Sock still - not so windy

Sock missing - there's a storm or thieves about.

Shower singer

Cut out a bath sponge in the shape of a microphone, you can even add silver or gold glitter to the head of the sponge. Give this to the person in your family who likes to sing in the shower the most.

Gag certificates

With a little bit of personalizing, you can give someone the ultimate gag gift and have a few chuckles. You can find many free certificate templates Online, and personalize them to match the victim. You can easily get funny ideas for certificates.

For example - wildest hairdo award, best nerdy glasses award, least photogenic award, loudest laugh award etc. You can find many of these free templates and have fun with them.

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